Thursday, October 26th, 2017  -  Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

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12:00 AM The Adventures of Donkey Ollie (cc)Knock Knock ShowKnock Knock ShowThe Adventures of Donkey Ollie (cc)Bugtime Adventures (cc)
12:30 AM Dr. Wonder's Workshop (cc)Gospel BillDr. Wonder's Workshop (cc)Gospel Bill
1:00 AM SuperBook
1:30 AM GerbertFilling StationFilling StationFilling StationGerbertFilling Station
2:00 AM Becky's BarnKids ClubBecky's BarnBecky's BarnBJ's Teddy Bear Club and Bible Stories (cc)Becky's BarnBJ's Teddy Bear Club and Bible Stories (cc)
2:30 AM Puppet ParadePuppet ParadePuppet ParadeArnie's Shack (cc)
3:00 AM The ReppiesQuigley's VillageQuigley's VillageQuigley's VillageQuigley's VillageThe ReppiesThe Reppies
3:30 AM Colby's Clubhouse
4:00 AM Another Sommer-Time Adventure (cc)Mickey's Farm (cc)Another Sommer-Time Adventure (cc)Mickey's Farm (cc)Mickey's Farm (cc)
4:30 AM Dooley and PalsThe Bedbug Bible Gang (cc)Mustard PancakesDooley and PalsThe Bedbug Bible Gang (cc)The Bedbug Bible Gang (cc)The Bedbug Bible Gang (cc)
5:00 AM Brainy Baby (cc)Flying HouseFlying HouseFlying HouseFlying HouseBrainy Baby (cc)Brainy Baby (cc)
5:30 AM From Aardvark to ZucchiniRaggs (cc)Come On Over (cc)FaithvilleFaithvilleThe Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar (cc)The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar (cc)
6:00 AM BJ's Teddy Bear Club and Bible Stories (cc)Auto-B-Good (cc)Kids ClubBrainy Baby (cc)Come On Over (cc)The Fred and Susie Show (cc)Come On Over (cc)
6:30 AM Kids ClubChildren's Heroes of the BibleBrainy Baby (cc)The Bedbug Bible Gang (cc)TuneTime (cc)Dr. Wonder's Workshop (cc)The Zula Patrol (cc)
7:00 AM Sarah's Stories (cc)Cherub WingsBJ's Teddy Bear Club and Bible Stories (cc)Sarah's Stories (cc)Raggs (cc)Sarah's Stories (cc)Mustard Pancakes
7:30 AM Come On Over (cc)Little Buds (cc)Dooley and PalsDr. Wonder's Workshop (cc)Super Simple Science Stuff (cc)BJ's Teddy Bear Club and Bible Stories (cc)Super Simple Science Stuff (cc)
8:00 AM Gina D's Kids ClubRaggs (cc)Professor Bounce's Kid Fit (cc)Little Buds (cc)Paws and Tales (cc)Nanna's Cottage
8:30 AM Auto-B-Good (cc)DARE Safety Tips starring Retro Bill (cc)Auto-B-Good (cc)Auto-B-Good (cc)
9:00 AM Raggs (cc)Cherub WingsCherub WingsFrom Aardvark to ZucchiniChristopher Columbus (cc)
9:30 AM Hermie and Friends (cc)Davey and GoliathMiss Charity's DinerMiss Charity's DinerVeggieTales (cc)Hermie and Friends (cc)VeggieTales (cc)
10:00 AM The Zula Patrol (cc)The Zula Patrol (cc)VeggieTales (cc)Dooley and PalsThe Zula Patrol (cc)Dooley and PalsDooley and Pals
10:30 AM Mickey's Farm (cc)Miss BG (cc)Gina D's Kids ClubGina D's Kids ClubMickey's Farm (cc)
11:00 AM Davey and GoliathTuneTime (cc)Davey and GoliathFaithvilleCowboy Dan's Frontier (cc)FaithvilleDavey and Goliath
11:30 AM Paws and Tales (cc)Adventures in BoogaBooga Land (cc)Mary Rice Hopkins & Puppets with a Heart (cc)Pahappahooey IslandThe Big Garage (cc)Pahappahooey IslandThe Big Garage (cc)
12:00 PM Zoo Clues (cc)Paws and Tales (cc)FaithvilleWild About Animals (cc)Another Sommer-Time Adventure (cc)Adventures in BoogaBooga Land (cc)Dr. Wonder's Workshop (cc)
12:30 PM Mike's Inspiration Station (cc)Zoo Clues (cc)Monster Truck Adventures (cc)Storykeepers (cc)Gina D's Kids ClubCome On Over (cc)The Fred and Susie Show (cc)
1:00 PM Rocka-Bye Island (cc)The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar (cc)321 Penguins (cc)TuneTime (cc)The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar (cc)Miss BG (cc)The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar (cc)
1:30 PM The Choo Choo Bob Show (cc)Mustard PancakesSarah's Stories (cc)Fluffy Gardens (cc)The Choo Choo Bob Show (cc)Mustard PancakesColby's Clubhouse
2:00 PM Monster Truck Adventures (cc)The First of May (cc)The Charlie Church Mouse ShowMonster Truck Adventures (cc)Raggs (cc)Monster Truck Adventures (cc)Miss BG (cc)
2:30 PM Wild About Animals (cc)RocKids TV (cc)321 Penguins (cc)RocKids TV (cc)RocKids TV (cc)RocKids TV (cc)
3:00 PM The Tails of Abbygail (cc)iShine KNECTLassie (cc)Dr. Wonder's Workshop (cc)Bugtime Adventures (cc)Bugtime Adventures (cc)
3:30 PM Lassie (cc)The Fred and Susie Show (cc)Paws and Tales (cc)Paws and Tales (cc)Animal Atlas (cc)Paws and Tales (cc)
4:00 PM RocKids TV (cc)GerbertHermie and Friends (cc)Bugtime Adventures (cc)Sarah's Stories (cc)The Charlie Church Mouse ShowCome On Over (cc)
4:30 PM Colby's ClubhouseCuriosity Quest (cc)Colby's ClubhouseMike's Inspiration Station (cc)Storykeepers (cc)Colby's ClubhouseMike's Inspiration Station (cc)
5:00 PM iShine KNECTThe Lad's TV (cc)iShine KNECTiShine KNECT
5:30 PM Bugtime Adventures (cc)Animated Stories from the Bible (cc)Storykeepers (cc)Animal Atlas (cc)Curiosity Quest (cc)NEST Family's Animated Hero ClassicsAqua Kids Adventures (cc)
6:00 PM Sarah's Stories (cc)Come On Over (cc)Animated Stories from the Bible (cc)The World of Jonathan Singh (cc)Zoo Clues (cc)Sarah's Stories (cc)Animal Atlas (cc)
6:30 PM 321 Penguins (cc)VeggieTales (cc)Lassie (cc)Colby's Clubhouse321 Penguins (cc)Wild About Animals (cc)Wild About Animals (cc)
7:00 PM Swiss Family RobinsonWild About Animals (cc)Where the Red Fern Grows (cc)Hermie and Friends (cc)Wild About Animals (cc)Swiss Family RobinsonCuriosity Quest (cc)
7:30 PM Auto-B-Good (cc)Aqua Kids Adventures (cc)Adventures in BoogaBooga Land (cc)Mary Rice Hopkins & Puppets with a Heart (cc)Auto-B-Good (cc)Mary Rice Hopkins & Puppets with a Heart (cc)
8:00 PM Chubby Cubbies (cc)The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar (cc)Ewe Know (cc)Mike's Inspiration Station (cc)GerbertStorykeepers (cc)
8:30 PM The Adventures of Skippy (cc)The Big Garage (cc)Storyteller Cafe: The Seven Baths (cc)BB's Bedtime Stories with MonteThe World of Jonathan Singh (cc)
9:00 PM Grandfather Reads (cc)The Bedbug Bible Gang (cc)Grandfather Reads (cc)Rocka-Bye Island (cc)Grandfather Reads (cc)The Choo Choo Bob Show (cc)The Adventures of Donkey Ollie (cc)
9:30 PM Adventures in BoogaBooga Land (cc)Grandfather Reads (cc)The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar (cc)Aqua Kids Adventures (cc)Mike's Inspiration Station (cc)The Big Garage (cc)
10:00 PM TuneTime (cc)Retro News: A Blast from the PastSwamp Critters of Lost LagoonArnie's Shack (cc)Children's Heroes of the Bible
10:30 PM Kids Like YouThe World of Jonathan Singh (cc)Kids Like YouFrom Aardvark to Zucchini
11:00 PM Creations Creatures (cc)Creations Creatures (cc)Creations Creatures (cc)
11:30 PM Miss Charity's Diner

All programs are subject to change without notice.

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