Maralee Dawn & Friends
A refreshing series that takes an imaginative approach to Christian and value-based children's programming. Each episode is packed with original songs, amazing stories, and much more! Ventriloquist Maralee Dawn and her unique puppet characters captivate the imagination of young viewers with adventures to exotic places, encounters with unusual creatures, and creative interactive projects. Parents will be delighted to find their children devouring the character values and adopting them into their daily lives! Find out more about the show

Dooley and Pals
The Dooley and Pals Show is a unique children's show built on the concept of education through entertainment and discovery. Dooley and Pals combines live action with 3-D animation, talented children and dozens of original songs. The series is approprirate for ages 2 to 5.

Kingdom Adventure
An award-winning children's fantasy series that combines charming puppets and clever animation in a setting of adventure where right is right, wrong is wrong, and good wins over evil! Each exciting episode is rich in spiritual values and biblical themes.

McGee an Me
Nick is a normal 11-year old boy who just moved into the area. His best pal is McGee, an animated character. Together they face the trials of growing up...bullies, sports, making new friends, and of course school. Each episode teaches a valuable lesson about life, and dilemmas are solved using Christian principles.

BJ's Teddy Bear Club & Bible Stories
A stimulating and imaginative program designed to educate and entertain while introducing young children to colors, letters, numbers ~@~S and special stories right out of the Bible! The star of the show is BJ (Bearsheba J. Bear), a loveable animated teddy bear who takes the children on an unforgettable journey through the Bible.

Retro News
A Blast from the Past, a fast-paced magazine-style show especially for kids age nine to twelve. From their virtual news room teen journalists bring significant, interesting, and humorous historic events to life with actual news footage. Special features like "Spiritual Heroes" introduce young viewers to the characters and events that helped shaped world history. With these young reporters as guides, viewers will laugh and be entertained while they learn history.

Pahappahooey Island
Welcome to the colorful, adventure-ful Pahappahooey Island! Join Ali, Hacksaw, Captain Hobbs, and Millard on all of their wacky adventures every Saturday on TBN (10am CT). Whether treasure-hunting, banana bowling, or outsmarting the villainous Ichabone Slink, Ali and her friends are sure to entertain children of all ages while communicating timeless truths.

Animal Action with Eddie and Greg
Kids will learn about wildlife through the adventures of Eddie and Greg. Greg's eagerness to learn and his curiosity about the world's wildlife brings him face to face with bears, on top of an elephant, and chased by a tiger, surrounded by sharks, octopus, eels and other creatures. Kids will laugh till their sides ache, be thrilled with animal action and..... just might learn something. The series is geared for ages 6 to 17.

Storytime Circus Theater
This show is hosted by the enchanting story teller, Gwendalynda, and co-stars the mischievous Roland as they tell stories from the Bible in a captivating way. Storytime Circus Theater communicates a blend of educational and development concepts for infants, toddlers and young children. The supporting cast is packed with bright, engaging puppets, Muppet-style puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets, life size puppets and even humans as puppets! Bright colors, bold shapes, patterns, costumes and props all work together to create a visually stimulating and captivating program your kids are sure to love.

Childrens heroes of the Bible television program on Smile of a Child network

Children's Heroes of the Bible
The Stories They'll Always Remember! This Award Winning series is full of delightfully animated Bible stories for children. 10 stories in all provide a scripturally faithful representation of the Bible. These fascinating short films begin with six Old Testament Heroes: Joseph, Moses, David, Elijah, Esther, and Jeremiah. Recommended for ages 3-8 and grown-up kids who enjoy revisiting the teachings of the Bible in an animated format. This very entertaining and educational series contains stories that your children will always remember.

Kids Quest television program on Smile of a Child Network

Kidz Quest
Through song, dance, and creative storytelling, Sceptre and a colorful cast of characters take kids on a journey of learning. As they work together to stay on course and complete their assignment, they find that the right choices bring the best results. Through their quest, Sceptre and the agents will battle the evil Dementor. Will their power be bold enough, and strong enough? Watch and discover that we are all strong, bold, & fearless through the Kidz Quest Manual.

Puppet Parade television program on Smile of a Child Network

Puppet Parade
A new Bible-based TV Show For Children! Join us as we bring lots of puppets and God's Grace presenting the Lord in a new and unique fun way: Puppet Parade!

Boulder Buddies television program on Smile of a Child Network

Boulder Buddies
The enchanting place known as Boulderville comes to life in this animated program filled with tons of interesting and unique characters. With the delightful Boulder Buddies leading the way, youngsters will see that learning about numbers and the alphabet can be fun. ADVENTURES IN LEARNING WITH ABC'S AND 123'S makes education a blast with entertaining special effects and seven music videos.

Rocfish Tales television program on Smile of a Child Network

Rocfish Tales
Roxi and the Rocfish gang in The Prodigal Tale, an interactive, high impact, dance/drama musical set in a farmhouse and a 50's style diner about the classic tale of a Father's love for his runaway child. Creativity combined with Biblical truth will keep children captivated while remembering valuable principles that will help shape their lives as they grow up with the knowledge of the love of God. As Australia's #1 Christian kids group, Rocfish is bound to make a splash with kids across America.

Rocfish Tales television series on Smile of a Child Network

Rocfish is an Australian Christian children's music group who use original songs, drama and dance to bring ancient stories to life for modern day kids in A Rip Roaring Tale. With strong appeal to children aged 3-9, Rocfish blends biblically based lyrics with contemporary music and encourages participation and interaction in a program of high-impact Christian entertainment. The American Rocfish team is made up of Jules, Tenielle, Ollie, and 'Roxi' the Rocfish.

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